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DIY LED Desk Lamp Made From Recycled Pallets

DIY Desk Lamp Made From Pallet Wood

Desk lamps are easy to come by and pretty cheap, but if you take the time and build your own it will be a rewarding experience and you can make it the way you want it. This DIY Desk Lamp took me 2 hours to build with very basic tools.

The materials required are

1. Free Pallet Wood

2. Plexiglas

3. LED strip lights

4. Power supply for The LEDs

5. Strong glue

The tools required are

1. A saw, I used a table saw

2. Hand drill, or drill press

3. Drill bits

4. Safety Glasses

The first step to building this DIY desk lamp is taking a couple of minutes and draw out your design, also deciding what size you want it. I made mine 3.5″ square by 10″ tall. Once you decide how big you want it, measure your wood and cut the squares out on the wood.

After you have all your wood squares cut, you need to cut the centers out of them, but leave two for the top and bottem. Easiest way to do it is with a hole saw bit, 2″ bit worked perfect for me.

Now the slightly more tricky part, cutting the plexi glass. You can use whatever thickness of Plexiglas you want, I used what I had lying around.

I used my table saw to cut the plexi glass, it worked but it mostly just melted and burnt the edges but a quick sanding fixed that. I attatched all my pieces together when I cut them and used wood to hold it all in place.

Just like with the wood, you need to cut out drill holes in the plexi glass as well. You do not need to make a big of a hole in the plexi glass, just big enough for the Led strip to pass through.

I decided to semi hollow out my base square for the LED controller board to fit in. Optionally, you could do holes big enough for the wires to pass through and leave the controller board outside the lamp.

If you do it the same way I did it, you also need to drill a hole for the power wire, and a hole for the remote to work.


Place the LED control board in your hollow piece of wood and mark out where the power outlet will be. Drill your hole then glue in your board while making sure you can still plug it in through the hole.

Now, glue the IR diode in the other hole so the remote can see it. Test it and make sure it works before finishing the lamp.

If everything is working as it should be, you can glue everything together. Stack all your pieces together and run your LED strip through, run it up and back down. Make sure it’s all plugged in, and working, and starting at the bottom, glue it all together.

Once it’s glued together, and it’s all dried, you can sand down any rough edges and enjoy your new DIY Desk Lamp. I made a few of these lamps for my kids and sold a few online.

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